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Sports in Jammu and Kashmir


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Sports in Jammu and Kashmir

When we talk about sports in Jammu and Kashmir we mostly think of winter sports. The truth is winter sports are just a part of the sporting culture of this state. Apart from different categories of adventure sports, Jammu and Kashmir also has a cricket and a football team. Besides, the state has the highest golf course in the world and the largest number of fishing beats in the country. The Great Tibetan Marathon that takes place every year at an altitude of 3500 meters also draws considerable interest from the sports facilities across the world. Let us first know about the sports council of this state who contributes itself to the development and promotion of sports in J&K.

J&K State Sports Council

Did You Know?

Jammu Kashmir has 18 stadiums and 23 training centers spread across the state. Moreover, the Council maintains 43 playing fields and three indoor sports complexes.

In addition, the Council has introduced 6 different types of awards to encourage sports-persons in the state. For more details you may refer to our page on J&K Sports Council.
Contribution of J&K State Council in promoting sports within the state must be appreciated by all. It was established in 1959 with that purpose. To achieve their ends, the council has put maximum stress on building infrastructure, organizing coaching classes and providing incentives to sports-persons.

J&K State Sports Council is a government institution established with the aim of encouraging all round development of sports in the state. It was constituted in 1959 (Vide Government Order No 390 of 1959, dated 10-08-1959) by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir and registered under Societies Registration Act IV of S 1998.

History of J&K State Sports Council

The first meeting of the J&K State Sports Council was held at the residence of the then Chief Minister Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad at Srinagar. Initially the Council had 23 members nominated by the government as per constitution.  To run the day to day business one Secretary, one Joint Secretary and a Treasurer were elected from among the nominated members.

J&K Sports Council at Present

Over the years, the Sports Council was reconstituted several times. The strength of the Council members too were raised first from 23 to 25 and then from 25 to 29. These members are now nominated for four years and the office bearers are elected from among them. The organization is now headed by the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. He acts as the President of the organization while the Sports Minister of the sate acts as the Vice President.

Activities of Sports Council in J & K

Under 17 Cricket Team

J&K State Sports Council has taken up several programs to promote sports in the state. Following is a brief glance into their various activities:

  • The Council conducts coaching classes in various fields such as football, volleyball, basketball, handball, cricket, hockey, table tennis, badminton, athletics, weightlifting, judo, gymnastics, kho kho, kabbadi, boxing, wrestling, fencing, skiing, yoga, thang-ta-wushu etc. Regular skiing courses are also organized at Gulmarg.

  • In addition, the Council organizes various residential coaching camps so as to prepare the state teams for zonal or national meets. The transportation, boarding, lodging etc of the trainees are borne by the authorities.

  • The Council provides infrastructural and financial assistance to recognized Sports Associations in the state. Matching financial assistance is also provided to the recognized State Sports Associations for hosting of zonal or national level championship within J & K. This is done with the view that championship helps to raise the level of sports in the state.

  • The Council offers incentives in various forms to outstanding players in the state. They also nominate sport-persons for various state awards.

Awards and Medals Sponsored by J&K State Sports Council

Medals by State Sports Council JK

The government of Jammu & Kashmir has introduced various awards to encourage not only the sportspersons, but also coaches and sports associations so that they try to excel in their respective field.  Following are some of these awards:

  • Sher-I-Kashmir Award and Medal: It carries a cash prize ranging from Rs.20000 to Rs.30000 per head. The prize is awarded to 10 state subjects who have participated in some international event in that financial year.

  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award and Medal:It carries a cash prize of Rs. 20000 per head. The prize is awarded to best Sports Association in the state and two veterans from J & K

  • Parshuran Awards and Medals: It carries a cash prize of Rs. 20000 per head. The prize is awarded to 3 best coaches in different disciplines.

  • Brig Rajinder Singh Award and Medal for Men: It carries a cash prize of Rs. 15000 per head. The prize is awarded to 15 sportsmen for getting one of the first three positions in a National Championship organized in any recognized disciplines.

  • Madri-I-Meharban Award and Medal: It carries a cash prize of Rs. 15000 per head. The prize is awarded to 15 sportswomen for getting one of the first three positions in a National Championship organized in any recognized disciplines.

  • Chief Minister’s Gold Rolling Trophy: A replica of the trophy is presented to the best recognized Sports Association of the state for organizing different events at district level and taking part in maximum number of national tournaments.

Infrastructure for Sports in Jammu and Kashmir

In spite of many handicaps, J & K Sports Council has been able to build up sufficient infrastructure for various types of sports within the state. Let us have district wise look at the available sports infrastructure within Jammu and Kashmir:

  • Srinagar District has three stadiums, one indoor complex, five training halls and eight playing fields. To know More Click Here.

  • Baramulla District has three stadiums, one indoor complex, six training halls and nine playing fields.

  • Jammu has three stadiums, one indoor complex, six training halls, three playing fields, one swimming pool and one astro truf. To know More, Click Here.

  • Kathua has one stadium, four training halls and three playing fields.

  • Badgum has one stadium and two playing fields.

  • Poonch has one stadium and two training halls.

  • Anantnag and Pulwama have one stadium and four playing fields each.

  • Udhampu and Ganderbal have one stadium and one playing field each.

  • Doda, Rajouri, and Bandipur have one stadium each.

Besides, Sophian, Kulgam, Smba, Reasi and Kupwara have several playing fields.  In all there are 19 stadiums, 23 training halls and 42 playing fields in the state. Keeping in mind the hilly terrain and certain other unfortunate incidents, this is no mean achievement for the state.

For more details you may refer to the official website of the J&K State Sports Council.

Popular Sports in Jammu Kashmir

Let us now take you on the sporty side of Jammu Kashmir. You've already read how efficiently the J&K Sports Council is working, now let's see what are the sports-persons from the state are upto. Let's begin with footballers:

Football in Jammu and Kashmir

Football Tournament in Progress

Football is the most popular sports in Jammu and Kashmir. J&K Football Association, which is a member of All India Football Federation, is responsible for developing the sports in the state. It controls the football clubs in the state and organizes different state level tournaments. At present there are around 500 football clubs in the state, which take part in different national and state level tournaments. The Jammu and Kashmir Football Team regularly takes part in the Sontosh Trophy Tournament.

Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar is a popular venue for most football tournaments in Jammu and Kashmir. However, the ground is also used for holding other sporting activities. The Republic Day Parade is also held at this ground. That is why an exclusive football ground with the capacity of 15000 spectators has been constructed in the city. There is also a plan to upgrade the Bakshi Stadium to international standard so that international tournaments can be held here. A budget of rupees one hundred crores has been fixed for that.

Did You Know: The Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir inaugurated the Synthetic Turf Football Stadium at TRC Polo Ground on 2nd September, 2014. It is the first football ground with synthetic turf in Jammu and Kashmir and has been built at an estimated cost of 4.50 crores.

Cricket in Jammu and Kashmir

Cricket in JKJust as in anywhere else in India, cricket is a favorite sports in Jammu in Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association, a member of Board of Control of Cricket in India, fields teams in different domestic tournaments such as the Ranji Trophy Interstate Tournament and Duleep Trophy Tournament etc. Up to 2012-2013, the team has played 242 matches.

The J&K cricket team has two home venues, Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium in Srinagar and Maulana Azad Memorial Stadium in Jammu. Most cricket tournaments in Jammu and Kashmir were initially held in these stadiums. However, due to a number of reasons the MAM Stadium has been badly damaged. Now Gandhi Memorial Science College Ground in Jammu has become an alternative venue for cricket tournaments.

However, the good news is that, the government now plans to restore the MAM Stadium and a budget of rupees one hundred crores has been fixed for it. There is also a proposal to build an international cricket stadium at Bajalta in Jammu.

Hockey in Jammu Kashmir

Hockey Tournament going on in Jammu and Kashmir

Hockey is another popular game in Jammu and Kashmir. J&K Hockey Team takes part in different all-India tournaments. Ice Hockey too is a popular sport in the state, especially in Ladakh region. To promote this game, Ice Hockey Association of Jammu and Kashmir organizes yearly tournaments in Leh. Enthusiasts from all over India often come here to experience this annual event.

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Rugby in Jammu Kashmir

Rugby is another popular sport in Jammu Kashmir. Indeed, the state has a number of exceptionally brilliant rugby players. Tournaments are held both at state and district levels to provide further boost to this sport. Kabbadi and kho-kho too are played with enthusiasm in Jammu and Kashmir. Tournaments in these fields are not only organized at district and state level, but teams are also sent to compete in the national level competitons. Besides, regular tournaments in table tennis, basketball, baseball etc. are held both at district and state level in Jammu Kashmir. Teams from Jammu and Kashmir also take part in different athletic meets at national level.

Golf in Jammu and Kashmir

Golfing in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir has a number of golf courses spread across the state. Among them, Kashmir Golf Club and Royal Spring Golf Course are located in Srinagar. Besides, there are the Gulmarg Golf Club, Pahalgam Golf Club and Sanasar Golf Club. Incidentally, thirteen-hole golf course in Gulmarg is highest in the world. All these clubs offers golfing equipments at a reasonable rate. One can also avail temporary membership at these clubs.

Angling in Jammu and Kashmir

Government Rules For Angling

The Government of Jammu Kashmir oversees fishing activities in the state so as to maintain the ecological balance in these areas. It has divided the fishing zones into 61 fishing beats, each of which is about three to four kilometer long. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. Reservations for the beats can be made before one arrives in Kashmir through the tourist offices or directly at the Tourist Reception Center in Srinagar.

2. Beats can be reserved either for a day or for a week.

3. Anglers are entitled to keep six fish a day provided they are more than 7.5 cm in length.

4. In addition, only artificial flies are allowed to be used as bait.

5. Peacock, March Brown, Watson's Fancy, Butcher, Jinger Quill, Coachman, Woodcock and Green etc. are some of the common flies used.
Angling is another favorite sports in Jammu and Kashmir. The state has numerous streams such as Sind, Lidder, Ferozshah Nallah, Doodh Ganga, Aharbal, Noobug, Daksum, Brengi, Ahlan etc. Besides, there are the high altitude lakes such as the Krishanshar, Vishanshar, Gangabal and Nunkhol.

Long ago the British had introduced rainbow and brown trout into these waters and they have been thriving here since then.

People from across the world come here for fishing expedition. However, one has to take special permits for that.

Things to Keep in Mind before Angling

It is to be remembered that the fishing season in Jammu and Kashmir starts in April and ends in October. Moreover, the fishing beats in the state can be divided into three categories. Larger rivers like Sindh or Liddar fall in the first category. Snow in these rivers starts melting from May to July; an angler must be skilled to get a good catch during this period.

Wet flies and weighed casts may help to get a better catch at this time. The rivers are quieter in April, August and September; one can expect to catch big fish at that time because bigger fish are said to lie in less turbulent waters.

Tributaries and water channels near the mainstream beats fall under the second category; they provide ample fishing opportunity almost throughout the year. Wet fly fishing may produce better results in these streams. Small spring-fed streams and high altitude lakes fall under the third category; one can use both dry and wet fly tackle to get a good catch in these water bodies.

Equipments Required for Angling

In general, a two or three meter light rod with an 8 com reel is enough for angling in Jammu and Kashmir. However, bigger fishing rods can also be used. There are many anglers’ shops, which sell different types of fishing equipments such as rod, reel, flies, net basket and long boots. You can look for them in the Polo View Lane, near the Bund Srinagar. However, if you are a tourist, you can also hire them from the shops.

Adventure Sports in Jammu and Kashmir

Sneakpeak to JK Adventure Sports

Jammu and Kashmir, with its hilly terrain and swift flowing rivers, offers great scope for adventure sports. It is not only the locals, who patronize this sport, people from outside also come here to take part in it.

Heli-skiing at Gulmarg is a popular sport.

The city also offers a great scope for Ice Skating, Ice Hockey, Snowboarding and Golfing. Besides, facilities for water skiing are available in Dal Lake, Nagin Lake and Manasbal Lake. All these places offer bathing boats and trained instructors. A government owned institute for water sports is also located in Nagin.

For Water Rafting one may choose Lidder in Pahalgam, Indus in Sonamarg and Ladakh, Suru River in Kargil and Zanaskar in Ladakh region. One may visit Jammu, Sanasar, Kud, Batote and Nathatop for Paragliding.

Mountaineering and Trekking are two other popular sports in Jammu and Kashmir. The Pir Panjal in Kashmir Valley, Karakoram in Near Nubra Valley and peak in the twin peaks in the Zanskar ranges are popular destinations here.
Mountaineering, trekking, skiing, water rafting, paragliding etc are not only thrilling, but they also test your endurance and offer a close interaction with the nature.

That is why adventure sports have become so popular today. Since Jammu and Kashmir offers great scope for all these sports, people from all over the world come here to take part in it. Read about Mountaineering next.

Mountaineering in JK

For mountaineering purposes, Jammu and Kashmir can be divided into four zones; namely- Kashmir, Zanskar, Kishtwar and Ladakh. Each of these areas has a thrill of its own. Let us know them:

Mountaineering in Kashmir Zone

The mountains in the Kashmir zone are rich in fauna and flora. Although they are not very high, they offer an exhilarating climbing experience. Kolahoi, Harmukh. Tattakuti, Sunset etc are some of the more popular peaks of this region.

Among them, the Sunset Peak is located in the Shopian District at a die of 105 from Srinagar. It is the highest mountain massif in this region and has an elevation of 15568 ft (4745 m). Tattakui, also known as Tatakooti, is also part of the same massif. It is located very close to Sunset Peak at a distance of 40 km from Shopian town. Both these peaks were first scaled in 1901 and can be accessed via Mughal Road from Srinagar.

Harmukh Mountain Range is located in the Ganderbal District. It has an elevation of 5142 meters or 16870 ft. Kolahoi with a height of 17,799 ft (5,425 meters) is located in Anantnag district. It is easier to climb this peak via its south face; however crossing the icefall at its base my pose some difficulty. Besides these four, there are many more small yet challenging peaks scattered all over the area. Among them, the Sirbal Peak in the Ganderbal District is still a virgin peak, which is yet to be climbed. 

Mountaineering in the Kishtwar Range

Kishtwar Mountain Range is a small sub range of the Himalayan Mountain Range. Peaks in this region are smaller in height, but they are more challenging and require the use of more skill. Some popular peaks in this region are BrahmmaI, Brahmma II, Flat Top, Brahmma’s Wife, Arjuna, Shivling, Sickle Moon or Bharanzar Peak, Cooked finger, Cathedral, Barnaj I and II, Agyasol etc.

Mountaineering in Zanskar Range

Z1 Mountain in Zanskar Region

Zanskar Range of Mountains separates Zanskar Tehsil in Kargil District from Ladakh. In Himachal Pradesh, the range separates Kinnaur District from Spiti. However, the most popular peaks in this range are located in Jammu and Kashmir. Nun Kun, Pinacle, White Needle, Bien Guapa, Bobang etc are some of the mountain peaks to try in this region. Besides, there are the Z-1, Z-2, Z-3, Z-8, N-8 and D-41. These peaks also offer great mountaineering experience.

Mountaineering in Ladakh

Stock Kangri (6121 m or 20080 ft) is the highest peak in Ladakh mountaineering zone. Parcha Kangri, Gulap Kangri, Kang Yissay etc are few other peaks in this region. All these mountains are easy to climb and do not require any use of mountaineering techniques. Hence they are also deemed as trekking destinations by many. Let's explore the best trek locations here:

Trekking in Jammu and Kashmir

At the top of Stock Kangri

Stock Kangri is one of the most popular trekking routes in Jammu and Kashmir. As we have already mentioned, it is a very difficult trek and therefore, beginners should never try this route. At the same time, it is one of the most thrilling treks in India and involves a march through a very beautiful part of the world. Trekkers from plains will need around ten days to complete the trek. However, this time frame includes acclimatization period at Leh and also at the base camp.

Other than Stock Kangri, there are few other trekking trails in Jammu and Kashmir, which can be tried both by beginners and old hands. A trek to the mighty Drang Drung Glacier, located near Pensi La in the Kargil District, is one such trek. The route takes you through the Panzila Top, which is an added bonus. For more details on various trekking routes, you may also refer to the official website of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, Leh. Click here for more details.

The Amarnath Trek

Amarnath Cave in Jammu and Kashmir

Numerous trekking trails also start from the Sonmarg region. Among them, the trek to the Amarnath Cave is world famous. It takes you through the most picturesque part of Kashmir. Another popular trail is the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. It takes through the Nichai Pass into an alpine valley which eventually leads you to Gangabal Lake crossing Vishansar, Gadsar, Krishnasar and Satsar on the way. Incidentally, Gangabal Lake is the finest trout fishing beat in Jammu and Kashmir and hence you may also take your fishing gear with you.

For a trekking trip, you can also choose the Kolohia Glacier. It takes you through Pahalgam, Aru Pahalgam, Lidderwatt and finally to Kolohia Glacier. In addition, there is the Srinagar-Aharbal-Kungwattan-Mahinag-Kounsarnag trail. In fact, there are numerous other trekking routes spread all over the state. For more details on different trekking routes in Kashmir, you may visit the Tourist Office at Srinagar.

Rock Climbing in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir, being a hilly region, has many rocks scattered in different region and consequently, offers a great scope for rock climbing. To provide further boost to this sports, an artificial climbing rocks has been installed at the tourist reception centre in Srinagar. It has three faces suitable for different techniques of rock climbing.

Skiing in Jammu and Kashmir

Skiing in Kashmir

Although there are a few smaller ski resorts in Kashmir, the main skiing activity in Jammu and Kashmir is centered at Gulmarg. Right now cable service is available from Gulmarg to Kongdori; it allows a downhill ski run of 3 Km. Later there is a plan to take the service Gandola.

Did You Know: The Famous Gulmarg Gondola is said to be the highest cable car in the world!!

Separate arrangements have been made for beginners as well as for those at intermediate level of skiing. Recently, heli skiing services have been introduced in Gulmarg. It involves going up to mountain tops by helicopter service and then skiing down the mountain slopes. Naturally, such a system not only allows a longer ski run, but also costs more. Gears can be hired at a reasonable rate from different skiing shops. The Department of Tourism, Jammu and Kashmir also offers skiing equipment on hire.

Apart from Gulmarg, two other skiing resorts are Patnitop and Madha Top in the Udhampur District. Incidentally, Patnitop, whose actual name was Patan da Talab or Ponds of Princess is also a centre for trekking and paragliding.

Ice Skating in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir has many lakes and ponds, which freezes on the onset of the winters and remains frozen until the beginning of summers. These lakes offer tremendous scope for ice skating. Such outdoor skating rinks are mostly found in Gulmarg, Leh and Kargil areas. Regional and national level competitions are held in these rinks from time to time. Skaters from all over India participate in these competitions.

Snowboarding in Jammu and Kashmir

Snowboarding is another winter game practiced in Gulmarg and Khilanmarg region of Jammu and Kashmir. The sport involves surfing on the snow with a help of a board, which is kept attached to the feet by snowboarding boot. This sport is much younger than Skiing.

Aero Sports in Jammu and Kashmir

Paragliding in Jammu and Kashmir

Paragliding and hot air ballooning are two major aero sports in Jammu and Kashmir. Although such sports are in vogue in many places in India, the scenic beauty of the state makes them all the more fascinating here. Places like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Patnitop, Natha Top, Batote, Jammu, Sansar, Kude etc. offer great opportunities for these aero sports. A few places in Ladakh too offer the same opportunities.

Paragliding in Sanasar in Jammu

These days the Government of Jammu and Kashmir is putting much emphasis on aero sports. Regular paragliding festivals are being organized in the outskirts of Srinagar to attract local talents. Sanasar in Jammu has become the most important center for paragliding in the state. There are a number of paragliding clubs in this city, which make all kinds of arrangements. Paragliding equipments can also be hired from the tourism office.

Most of these centers use Tandem Hand Gliders, which are meant to carry two people; namely the pilot and the flier. You can choose to go alone or have a pilot to assist you in the trip. If you choose to go alone do not worry; you will have experienced J&K TDC gliders to coach you on gliding as well as landing techniques before you take off. In general, paragliding trips begin at the parking lot in Sanasar and end at Kude. It takes around twenty minutes to complete the journey. If you are not sure, you can opt for shorter journeys. In such cases, the paragliders will land at a nearby meadow. 

Hot Air Ballooning in Jammu Kashmir

If you want to go hot air ballooning you can opt for Gulmarg. The sport is now being promoted by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to add new dimension to its already existing infrastructure. However, other places mentioned above also offer hot air ballooning activities.

Important Point To Remember: Unless you are a professional you must not take part in such activities. Specially in the Suru and Zanskar Valley; you may have to face certain unexpected challenges here.

Water Sports in Jammu and Kashmir

Water Rafting in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir has many swift flowing rivers as well as lakes running through it. Most of these water bodies have now been turned into hubs for water sports such as river rafting, canoeing and water skiing. In some places resorts have grown up to provide accommodation to the skiers. These places not only provide tourists’ huts and bungalows, but latest equipments can also be hired at these places. In general summer is the best time for such sports. The season generally starts in May and continues until the end of August.

White Water Rafting in Jammu and Kashmir

White water rafting in River Indus and River Lidder has been able to draw sports-persons not only from the state, but also from all over India. Three stretches in Indus are especially suitable for river rafting. The first stretch is from Phey to Niemo; it offers a half a day run for the amateurs. The second stretch is from Phey to Nurla. This is a two day run with stoppage at the ancient temple town of Alchi. The run can also be extended to Khalsi, which makes the third stretch. Since the last stretch is full of rapids it requires professional skill to handle the raft at this stage. Incidentally, all these places fall in Ladakh.

Zanskar River, also in Ladakh, is another choice for river rafting in Jammu and Kashmir. However, this run, which passes through the picturesque Zanskar valley, should not be attempted by amateurs. Moreover, the team must have suitable rescue backup so as to avoid any kind of untoward events.  The expeditions generally begin at Padum and take around six or seven days to complete.

In addition, River Lidder has two short stretches near Pahalgam. These stretches are suitable for day trips. Since the gradients are not steep, first timers too can enjoy the sport in these stretches. Many tour and travel companies have started arranging white water rafting expeditions in these rivers. Some of them also arrange such river rafting in Rivers Sind, Drass, Suru, Jhelum and Chenab.

White Water Canoeing in Jammu and Kashmir

White water canoeing also has an extensive possibility in Jammu and Kashmir. Rivers Lidder, Sindh, Drass, Suru, Indus, Zanskar, Chenab are especially suitable for this sports. However, if you are not that adventurous you can try your hand at Jhelum. Here the waters are more manageable. In addition, the high altitude lakes of Tarsar, Marsar, Kaunsarnag, Kishensar, Vishensar and Gangabal are also suitable for canoeing.  However, the infrastructure is still lacking in these places.

Water Skiing in Jammu and Kashmir

Water Skiing in Kashmir

Dal Lake and Nagin Lake in Srinagar and Manasbal Lake in the Ganderbal District are said to be the best places for water skiing in Jammu and Kashmir. Motor boats, water skis and trained instructors are available in most of these places.

In Dal Lake, privately owned boats are available in Bod Dal basin. However, the Nagin Lake is becoming more popular destination for skiers because of clearer water. However, the best place to ski should be the Manasbal Lake. The lake, with clean and clear water, is secluded from the world by a range of hills that surround it from all sides. One can hire latest water-skiing equipments even at such a remote place.  There are also specially trained instructors to impart lessons to the initiated in Manasbal.

Adventure Tour and Travels Companies in Jammu Kashmir

Today, many tours and travel companies arrange adventure sports in Jammu and Kashmir. Some of them operate from outside while some have their headquarters within the state. The Royal Saffari Tours and Travels, for example, falls in the second category. They mainly arrange mountaineering, trekking, skiing, paragliding, river rafting, fishing and golfing trips. If you are interested in any of them, you may contact them at the following address:

ALS Tours and Travels:
ALS offers specialization in arranging trekking tours in Jammu and Kashmir. They have three packages; Kashmir Gangabal Trekking, Kashmir Water Trekking and Kashmir Glacier Trekking. Kashmir Gangabal Trekking involves a time span of 7 days and 6 nights. It starts from Sonmarg and covers Gangabal, Thajiwas Glaciers, Nichnai, Krishansar, Gadsar etc. The Water trek starts from Srinagar and includes Manasbal Lake- Walnur Lake- Nageen Lake. This is a less rigorous trek comprising of4 days and 3 nights. The total time span for Kolohia GlacierTrek is 8days and 7 nights; but that includes sightseeing both at Srinagar and Pahalgum. The trek actually starts from Aru Phahalgum and goes via Lidderwat to Kolohia. You May contact the company at following address:

ALS Tour and Travels
Head Office: BB Cantt,
Batwara Srinagar
Jammu and Kashmir
Phone No: +91-0194-246-5186
Mobile No: +91-94190-06103, +91-95963-50092
Email Id: alstourtravel123@gmail.com, alstourtravels_123@gmain.com, info@alstourandtravels.com

Go 2 Kashmir
This company has bases in different cities around the world. They also offer different types of adventure tours such as trekking and paragliding, Gondola ride, horse/pony riding etc. Lamayuru to Padum Traverse, Stok-Khangri Round Trek, Zanskar Ranges, Ladakh Range between the Indus and Shayok Valleys etc. are some of the trekking packages offered by the company. Following is the contact details of their Srinagar office :


IT.Concepts Complex
New Airport Roa,
Parraypora, Srinagar
Jammu and Kashmir
Phone No: +91-19424-42183, +91-87139-52644, +91-95609-53311, +91-94190-25204
Email Id: info@go2kashmir.com

Indian Holiday PVT Ltd on the other hand  is a Delhi based company, which also has offices in few other cities. They organize different types of adventure tours  in different parts of Kashmir.

Other than these, one can also contact the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department or call on their travel experts at +91-97181-08811. One can also send enquirers through their official website.

Click here to know more.

Therefore we see, sports in Jammu and Kashmir is not restricted merely to winter variety. People here are as keen on different disciplines of sport as in rest of India!

Enjoy sports-lovers, this is your place to be!!!

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