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Food in Jammu & Kashmir


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Food in Jammu & Kashmir

Food of Jammu and Kashmir

A journey to the mystical and enchanting Jammu Kashmir is incomplete without exploration of its exquisite cuisine. Food in Jammu Kashmir is treated as an extension of their vibrant culture. Non vegetarian dishes are an invariable part of its widespread menu. But it does not imply distasteful journey for the vegetarian travelers as well. With an interesting mix of spices including some rare herbs, Kashmiri food and especially Kashmiri Wazwan is one of the most gorged upon cuisine in this state. Here, we will take a journey to discover the unique taste of Jammu and Kashmir.

Spices are the real essence of Kashmiri cuisine. People of this state have deep admiration for fine blend of numerous spices. Kashmiri food is never complete without adding cinnamon, dry ginger, asafoetida, aniseed, cardamom, cloves, etc.

Wazwan is a 36 course meal prepared with great expertise by experienced chefs called Wazas under supervision of Vasta Waza (Head Chef).


These chefs are descendants of master chefs from Samarkand. They migrated to Kashmir in 15th century. Since then, celebrations in this region are marked by this gourmet meal.

To start with, Wazwan is served in large copper plates called Tram and four persons dine in one Tram.

Main dishes that complete Kashmiri Wazwan are- Rogan Josh, Aabgosh, Rista, Marchingan Korma, Yakhni, Safed Kokur, Zafrani Kokur, Dhaniwal Korma, Dum Aloo and Pulao cooked in clarified butter with saffron and dry fruits.

Along with all these, chutneys and pickles are also served in this feast!

Kashmiri Wazwan

It is the most exotic dish in Kashmiri cuisine. In fact, many people identify the food of this state with Wazwan.

Wazwan is an art passed on from generations. From the method of cooking to serving, there are traditional things that are followed religiously in its preparation.

This dish is a meat based course meal in which lamb is widely used. Interestingly, different parts of lamb are used for different dishes, like rib cage for Tabak Maaz and boneless meat for kebabs and Gushtaba. This meal is cooked slowly on fire wood with rich blend of spices that are gradually added to each dish.

To start the feast, guests are supposed to wash their hands in Tasht-nari which is passed to them one by one. The decoration of this plate is also quite interesting. Its layering is done with steamed rice. Then, dishes like tabak maaz, methi maaz, kebab, chicken and dhaniphul are served. All these dishes are aesthetically divided into four parts for the diners. When Gushtaba is served, it calls for the end of this feast. Next are savory Phirni and lastly, Kahwah as the appetizer.

Non Vegetarian Food of JK

For non vegans, Jammu Kashmir is nothing less than a paradise. The state offers widest variety in non vegetarian dishes. Mutton is most commonly used in Kashmiri cuisine. You can gorge on more than 30 dishes prepared from mutton. It is also a primary ingredient in the sumptuous Kashmiri Wazwan. Chicken and fish are also commonly cooked in various regions of this state. In some areas where trout is in abundance, dishes made from this fish are very popular. Meat is blended well with vegetables and spices in Kashmiri cuisine. It makes their non vegetarian dishes, delectably different.

Vegetarian Food of Jammu Kashmir

Although Kashmiri cuisine is synonymous with non vegan food, yet vegetarian dishes are also an integral part of it. In fact, Kashmiri pandits usually prefer to be vegetarian. Most of them strictly avoid the use of onion and garlic as well to cook their meals. Especially in Jammu region, there are many authentic vegetarian restaurants. So, finding vegan food is no more a herculean task in this state. Another striking feature of vegetarian food in Jammu Kashmir is ample use of asafoetida in all the courses. Also, there is extensive use of yogurt and turmeric in Kashmiri vegan cuisine.

Let's check-out the Not-To-Miss Dishes of Jammu Kashmir:

Main Vegetarian Dishes of JK
  • Dum Aloo Kashmiri
  • Madra
  • Oria
  • Shasha
  • Mitha Bhaat and Methi Chaman
  • Chuk Wangun
  • Kofta
  • Rajma
  • Ladyar Tsaman
  • Nadeir Yakhni
  • Zafrani and Kashmiri Pulav
  • Haakh
Main Non-Vegetarian Dishes of JK
  • Rogan Gosh
  • Matschgand
  • Yakhni
  • Kashmiri Kebab
  • Meethi Keema
  • Kabargah
  • Syun Aloo
  • Kashmiri Chicken
  • Tabak Maaz
  • Gushtaba
  • Mujh Gaad
  • Qileeya

Desserts of Jammu Kashmir

Deserts in 

Jammu KashmirThe sweetness of Kashmiri hospitality can be tasted well with its mouth watering desserts. In preparing these sweet dishes, dry fruits are used in abundance. The most popular desserts of Jammu Kashmir include Phirni.

It is a savory dish made from semolina, rice, milk and dry fruits. It is garnished with almonds, pistachios and saffron threads.

Other tasty desserts in Kashmiri cuisine are Baqerkhani, Kheer, Gulab Jamun, Sevaiyaan, Modur Pulav and Shufta.

The distinctive aroma of these desserts is simply loved by the foodies.

Beverages of Jammu Kashmir

Pink Kashmiri Chai

Kashmiris are known to possess profound love for tea. You can taste the most astounding flavors of tea as an indispensable part of typical Kashmiri lifestyle. These beverages are preferred after meals, in the afternoons and for breakfast as well. Interestingly, Kashmiri tea is usually served in samovars, which are the traditional utensils of this state. Main beverages of this state are:

Kashmiri TeaSheer or Noon Chai:
Noon is the term given to salt in Kashmiri language. This intriguing tea recipe has unique aroma and pinkish color.

Black tea, soda and milk are its other ingredients used in right proportion. This tea is commonly served with breakfast and is an indispensable part of every Kashmiri household.

It is a variety of green tea enriched with saffron, almonds and spices. You can find Kahwah at every celebration of Kashmiris.

This state boasts of more than 20 different flavors of this beverage. Though it is prepared without milk, but some Kashmiri people prefer to add the goodness of milk to their favorite beverage as well.

Breads in Jammu KashmirBreads in Jammu Kashmir
Along with the wide variety in main course, this state has richness in types of breads as well. Bakeries are quite commonly found in the by lanes of Jammu and Srinagar.

Most of the breads prepared in local bakeries have toppings of sesame seeds on them. They have crispy and brown crusts. Main types of bread in J & K are:
  • Tsot
  • Tsochvoru
  • Sheermal
  • Lavas
  • Kulcha
  • Girda
  • Lucchi

Staple Food of Jammu Kashmir

Rice in Jammu Kasmir

Unlike many other parts of India, Kashmir has rice as its staple food. Any course meal in Kashmir is incomplete without rice. Many delectable rice dishes are cooked here. In restaurants, you can taste them along with other varieties. The main rice based preparations are Kashmiri Pulao, Mutton Pulao, Zarda, Tursh etc.

In Ladakh, crops like wheat and millet are also the staple diet along with rice. In this region, goat milk, yak butter, local vegetables and dairy products are also commonly preferred. Mukh Mukh is the traditional food here and Ladakhi people prepare flavorsome Gur Gur Tea, which is salted buttery tea.

Street Food in Jammu Kashmir


Well, street food is loved equally in Jammu Kashmir. You can taste these authentic dishes anywhere on the road side stalls or market shops. Your favorite hang outs for street food in this state can be:

Kacchi Chavani area of Jammu
Canal Road Jammu
Ladies Market Jammu
Moti Market in Leh
Lal Chowk in Srinagar
Gandhi Nagar in Jammu
Parade in Jammu
Apart from its multi cuisine and royal delicacies, Jammu Kashmir also offers some of the most inviting varieties in street food. In cities like Jammu and Srinagar, street food is very common.

It is the ultimate pick for the avid foodies coming to this state. One distinctive feature of street food in this state is impact of neighboring cultures over its cuisine. In Dogra food, you can find similarity with Himachal cuisine as well as Punjabi cuisine.

Slowly with shifting of paradigm, street foods from all parts of country have entered the markets of this state. It is also called Keshur Khen Chen in Kashmir. This food culture is concentrated near shrines, markets and local tourist attractions.

Chhole Bhature: Punjabi Chhole Bhature is very commonly seen on the streets of Jammu Kashmir. Probably, this is due to its preference among foodies nationwide.

Rajma:Starting off with the varieties, rajma or kidney beans cooked with rich gravy are the most popular street food here. Whether you explore typical Kashmiri cuisine or Dogra food, rajma is significantly related to both of them. Rajma is served with hot steamed rice in every part of the state.

Kulcha: Round bread with stuffing of onion, mint chutney and tomatoes. It is available in different stuffing like Aloo kulcha, nutria kulcha, chick pea kulcha, kalari (Cheese) kulcha.

Malai Kulfi:
It is a sweet and iced dessert served with faluda (noodles soaked in rose syrup).

It is a preparation of colocacia corms sliced finely. Then they are marinated in rich spices.

Colocacia Corm

Masala Mooli:
This tangy dish is prepared from radish again marinated with spices

Steamed Momos:
This healthy steamed dish is our answer to Chinese Dumplings. They are made from
fine flour and stuffed with vegetables. Momos are very common street food in region of Leh and Ladakh as well. Served with piping hot soup, they are a very healthy snack.

Chhole Bun:
Bun served with spicy chick peas cooked in gravy is loved by anyone.

Other street foods in Jammu Kashmir include Gol Gappe, Monje Gaade, Monje Guil, Busrakh, Paratha, Seekh Tujji, Harisa, Kashur Aanchar, Makai Wetch, Chane Chabeel etc.

Dhabas in Jammu Kashmir

Dhabas in Jammu KashmirIf you think that it is hard to find roadside dhabas in Jammu Kashmir, it is actually not so. This state known for its rich cuisine has so many varieties in dhabas as well. These include Vaishno dhabas, pure vegan dhabas, non vegan dhabas and Punjabi dhabas. Along the stretch of highway running between Jammu and Srinagar, these roadside eateries are a common sight.

In Katra also, there are many dhabas, though, they are mostly pure veg ones. However, you cannot find many such places to eat in the valley. But as long as you are in Jammu region and some parts of valley, indulge in delicious taste served by these dhabas. And you will be taken with surprise to discover dhabas in Ladakh region as well. In Ladakh, roadside dhabas mostly serve paranthas or bowl full of hot piping Maggi with tea.

Famous Dhabas in Jammu Kashmir

Here are some of the finger-licking stopovers for you in JK:

Krishna Vaishno Dhaba in Srinagar

Pure Veg Dhabas in JK

This dhaba located on Jammu Highway serves exotic vegetarian food at very affordable prices. This place remains packed with foodies due to quality of food served as well as the cleanliness maintained here. You can relish the taste of Kheer, Dal Fry, Baigan Bharta, Palak Paneer, Kadhi, etc. in this dhaba.
Address: Near Dal Gate, Opp. HP Petrol Pump, Jammu

Gulshan Da Dhaba in Katra
This dhaba in Katra is quite popular for its mixed variety of vegetarian cuisine. Here you can enjoy the taste of Paneer Masala, Dal Fry, Samosa Chana, Aloo Tikki and Naan.
Address: Main Market, Katra

Delhi Da Dhaba in Srinagar
With enchanting views of Dal Lake, this Vegan dhaba offers sumptuous taste of different cuisines. Along with their food, service is also great at this eatery. They offer tasty North Indian and South Indian food.
Address: Ghat no. 9, Lhasa Lane
Bouleavard Road, Dal Lake, Srinagar

Papa Di Hatti in Jammu
This is a wonderful non vegetarian dhaba in Jammu city. It serves delectable varieties like Tawa Chicken, Mutton Tikkas, Chicken Tandoori and Kebabs.
Address: Residency Road, Old City, Gole Market
Opp. Govt Women’s College, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

Pooja Vaishno Dhaba in Katra

Dhabas in Katra

This small dhaba in Katra offers mouth watering vegetarian food. They have wide menu comprising delicious Aloo Parantha, Veg Manchurian, Fried Veggies, Paneer Masala, et al. You can gorge upon their Chinese food as well.
Address: 1st Street, Main Bazaar, Katra

Saini Rajasthani Vaishno Dhaba in Katra
This is also a true vegetarian dhaba where you can indulge in spicy flavor of various North Indian delicacies. There are many Rajasthani dishes as well offered to the tourists at this dhaba.
Address: Near Government Girls High School
Banganga Road, Katra

Narender Dhaba in Sonamarg
This dhaba in heavenly ambiance of Sonamarg offers mouth watering food. It serves Tandoori Aloo Parantha, Chana, Rajma, etc. Along with food, warmth of their service is also quite inviting for the travelers.
Address: Sonamarg, Jammu Kashmir

Billu Di Hatti
Here, you can find the exotic taste of Kashmiri Wazwan. Its Tandoori Chicken is nothing short of a cult among locals and tourists. It is also located quite centrally to be reached easily.
Address: Residency Road,
Opp. K C Residency Hotel, Jammu


Apart from these dhabas, Jammu Kashmir also has many highway pit shops to delight the food lovers. In these shops, you can enjoy local delicacies and beverages. Popular highway places to eat in Jammu Kashmir are:
  • Sharma Tea Stall, Nadini Tunnel: Paneer Pakodas, Mathi, Tea
  • Peera Morh, NH 1A: Rajma Chawal with Anardaana Chutney
  • Udhampur, Jammu Srinagar Highway: Kalari Kulcha
  • Prem Sweets, Kud, Patnitop: Kalakand, Pateesa

Restaurants in Jammu Kashmir

Restaurants in JK

The areas in Leh are more inundated with restaurants serving typical Tibetan and Chinese cuisine while some parts of Jammu has finest Vaishno dhabas for an intriguing culinary experience. In short, Jammu Kashmir has huge variety in food and eateries with their numbers also increasing to accommodate high footfall.

To serve these varieties, there are many restaurants located across the state. We will begin now with the top fast food restaurants of Jammu and Kashmir:

Fast Food Restaurants in Jammu Kashmir

Here is the detailed list:

Restaurants in 

JammuNav Durga Sweets in Jammu
Nav Durga Sweets fast food restaurant is located in the region of Gandhi Nagar in Jammu City. It is a double storey restaurant incepted in large area to offer all varieties in food.

Chat corner, sweet counter and restaurant are separated to serve better. Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa in sweets are famous while in chaat, Chana Bhatura and Raj Kachori are quite famous here.


45, BC Aquaf Market,
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
Timings: 8 am to 11.45 pm

Cream Bell Ice-Cream Parlor in Udhampur
Cream Bell Ice Cream Parlor is one of the famous food stations for people of Udhampur. Its delicious variety of ice creams makes every visitor delighted. Mango ice cream, sundae, cone, berry bonanza, black forest scope and other such varieties are simply mouthwatering. It is located near Raj Theatre in Dhar Road of Udhampur city. People in huge number visit this fast food restaurant for yummy ice creams.
Dhar Road, Near Raj Theatre,
Udhampur, Jammu Kashmir

Fast Food Restaurant in 

JammuKruncheeze in Jammu
Kruncheeze is one of the best non vegan fast food restaurant which let people taste different varieties of snacks made from chicken.

Chicken Wrap, Cheesy Hot Dog, Stuffed Chicken, Chicken Seek and other such dishes are served at Kruncheeze.In less than a year, it has become the hot favorite place to eat in Jammu city.


Channi Himmat, Jammu

Nai Delhi Fast Food Restaurant in Jammu
New concept of fast food restaurant is introduced by this restaurant in Jammu. The name, Nai Delhi, itself suggest the taste of fast food available here. Tandooris and non vegan food are the specialty of this restaurant. They offer huge variety for visitors and one must try Shawarma and Chicken Tikkas. It is best place for both vegan and non vegan food lovers.
Behind Apsara Cinema, Adjacent to Blue Dart courier, Jammu
1pm to 11.00 pm

McDonalds in Jammu KashmirMcDonalds Restaurant in Jammu
McDonalds has initiated its distinctive food chain restaurant at Jammu as well. It has been established as major junction for foodies of the city.

It is a favorite meeting point for youth and they love to taste different flavors of their dishes. Ice-cream, cold drinks, vegan and non vegan burgers can be enjoyed at this venue.

Residency Road, Jammu
Timings: 10 am to 11.45 pm

Bikano Restaurant in Jammu
This delightful restaurant has been exclusively introduced to serve vegetarian flavors in the city of Jammu. It is located at City Square Mall in Dogra Chowk. Delicacies like tandoori starters, south Indian platter, north Indian dishes and Italian pizzas are offered to the foodies coming here.
Shop No 10/ 11, 3rd Floor, City Square Mall,
Near Exhibition ground, Dogra Chowk, Jammu
0191- 2562201

Vimpis  in Jammu KashmirVimpis Pizza in Jammu
Delicious Italian with Indian blends can be enjoyed at Vimpis Pizza restaurant in Jammu. It is located in Gandhinagar and serves Hot Burgers, Pizzas, Indian chats, etc. It is one of the most popular food joints that attract young generation as well as trendy people.

This fast food restaurant offers all its delicacies at affordable rates which make it perfect for all masses.
24 A, Extension, Gandhinagar, Jammu
Timings: 11 am to 10 pm

Dolphin Bakery in Leh
Though, it is pronounced as bakery but the typical fast food offered here is just outstanding. A terrace top restaurant fringed under shaded trees is serving delights like creamy pastries, burgers and other fast foods.
Malpak Alley, Leh
11 am to 10 pm

Cafes in 

LehK C Garden Café in Leh
K C Garden café is well established in the Changspa region in Leh.

It is serving delicious food such as pizzas, pastas and falafels with tasty sauces.

It is good to sit under the sky around the bonfire at K C Garden Café and enjoying your hot platters.

Changspa Area, Leh
Timings: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Tibetan Restaurants in Jammu Kashmir

Here is the list for your Tibetan food urges:

Pavilion Restaurant in Jammu

Pavilion Restaurant of Asia Hotel in JammuPavilion restaurant is typical Kashmiri eatery that offers traditional and customized food of Kashmir region. Peshawari Gosht and Noorjahani Shorbat are quite allured dishes at Pavilion.

Along with Kashmiri, they also serve Indian, Chinese and continental food to the visitors. The famous welcome drink of Kashmir, Thandai can be sipped at pavilion in its best flavor.

Jammu Tawi, Jammu
Timings: 11 am to 10 pm

Tenzin Dickey Tibetan
Tenzin Dickey Tibetan is a specialty restaurant offering ethnic cuisines of Ladakh. Dishes made of potatoes, Momos, Thupka and varieties of herb soups are main highlights of Tenzin Dickey Tibetan restaurant.

Ford Road, Leh
Timings: 11.00 am to 10 pm

Lamayuru Restaurant in Leh
Affordable rates along with superb delicacies of Thai, Tibetan and Chinese cuisines are the main feature of Lamayuru restaurant. Dishes like Chicken Steak, Chicken Tikka and Chilli Chicken are few of non vegan food that attracts many visitors. Vegan dishes such as Baigan Masala is also highly demanded in Lamayuru Restaurant.

Tibetian Restaurants in 

Jammu KashmirTibetan Kitchen in Leh
If you like to have authentic taste of Tibetan food, then Tibetan Kitchen is the right place. Located in the heart of city, Tibetan Kitchen serves vegetarian and non vegetarian momos, soups, Shabalay and mouth watering Gyako.

Tibetan food is all about herbs and organic vegetables. Tibetan Kitchen is place to visit for best varieties in Tibetan cuisines.

Address: Opp. Hotel Tso Kar, Fort Road, Leh
Timings: 11 am to 10.30 pm

Lhasa Restaurant in Srinagar
The wonder attraction of Kashmir, Dal Lake offers serene beauty to visitors all around. Dining at such location is pleasurable activity in Srinagar. Lhasa Restaurant is situated on the shore of Dal Lake offering majestic view of location. People coming here can enjoy delicious Tibetan and Chinese food served in traditional flavor. Thukpa and momos are quite popular at Lhasa Restaurant.
Boulevard Road, Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir
Timings: 9.30 am to 9 pm

Cafe in 

LehHimalayan Café in Leh
One of the distinct places to enjoy nature in the valley is Himalayan Café. Filling parathas and mouth watering kababs are the hot favorite dishes of this restaurant.

Tingmo offered in traditional style is appreciated by visitors. Dining at Himalaya café is amazing experience which cannot be complete without having Yak butter tea. People visiting here can have glimpses of mesmerizing sights along with mind blowing food.

Main Bazar, Leh
Jammu Kashmir
Timings: 11 am to 10 pm

Chopstick Noodle Bar in Leh
Chopstick Noodle Bar is the fine dine restaurant located in the heart of Leh. It provides awesome view of heritage interiors soaked in the antiquity of this land. The serene location and climate of Leh adds to the features of this restaurant. It prepares typical Asian cuisines with the help of organic ingredients. They serve soup, momos, chicken tukpa, spring rolls, nasgorang, shrimp cracker and satay in this eatery. People can take seat inside or outside to have glimpses of mesmerizing landscapes.
Address: Fort Road, Raku Complex, Leh
Phone No: 9419178652

Gesmo in LehGesmo Restaurant in Leh
Gesmo Restaurant is famous for momos and pizzas among the locals. Travelers reach here to experience sandwiches and cakes in breakfast.

Chicken Steak or Chicken Pizzas are the most desired cuisines in the menu of restaurant. The vintage look of restaurant takes visitors back to past times. This eatery is located in the Main Fort Road which is easy to trace from any side of town.

Fort Road, Leh
Timings: 8 am to 10 pm

Summer Harvest in Leh
Summer Harvest is a nice blend of Kashmiri, Tibetan and Indian food. It serves typical Ladakhi food in one of the main areas, Fort Road in Leh. It is paradise for non vegan food lovers. Fish tikka and Chicken tikka should be tasted once here. Momos, especially deep fried momos are highlighted dish of Summer Harvest. People can enjoy soothing ambiance along with entertainment on big screen.
Fort Road, Leh
Timings: 10 am to 9 pm

Multicuisine Restaurants in Jammu Kashmir

Let us now know the best multicuine look outs for you"

Multicuisine Food in LehWorld Garden Café in Leh

It is beautifully positioned in the heart of city to serve great multi cuisine dishes to visitors of Leh. Though, the service is lagging but food is superb. Both vegan and non vegan food here is awesome. But it is more recommended for non vegetarians.

Pure vegetarian could be disappointment with common area preparation. Italian pizza, veg pizza, fried rice, momos and sizzlers are most desired food here. The café ambiance is good but usually remains over crowded, especially during dinner time.


Near Zangsti Road, Leh

Mughal Darbar in Srinagar

Mughal Darbar Restaurant established in double storey building at Srinagar is highlighted place for non vegan food lovers. It is renowned for its exclusive preparations, especially Kashmir wazwan. Mughal Darbar also offers royal treatment while serving mughlai food to customers. People also love to taste traditional Kashmiri food along with pounded Mutton Rista, Gushtaba and Crisp Tabak Maaz at this restaurant.
Residency road, Srinagar
Timings: 9.30 am to 9 pm

Revolving Restaurant in 

Jammu KashmirFalak Revolving Restaurant in Jammu

Falak Revolving Restaurant, as the name suggests, is a rotating restaurant that is soaked in lavish interior enriched with panoramic vistas of Jammu region. The situation of restaurant is such that it offers beautiful sights of valley, Jammu Market, Bahu Fort, Tawi River and Vaishno Devi Hills.
Menu of Falak Restaurant fills delight and gladness among the visitors, especially non vegetarian foodies. Its wide range and variety appease them with sumptuous taste. Raan- e- Sikandri is one of the favorite cuisines of Falak Restaurant. Taste of Mughlai, Prawns and other boneless chicken is simply unexplainable here. With such ambiance and variety on menu, it surely wins the hearts of travelers.

K C Residency Hotel, Residency Road,
Jammu Tawi, Jammu - 180003
Phone No: + (91) - 2520770, 2575444

Imperial Grill Restaurant in Jammu

The kebab paradise, Imperial Grill Restaurant is a multi cuisine restaurant incepted in the area of Gandhinagar in Jammu. It is exceptionally good in serving Thai, Chinese, Indian and especially Mughlai food. Visitors can also order hard drinks from counter attached to reception of restaurant. It is one of delightful place for people who love non vegan cuisines.
Rail Head Complex, TRG Tower, Gandhinagar, Jammu
Timings: 11 am to 10 pm

Bars and Restaurant in JKMoti Mahal in Jammu
Moti Mahal is one of the favorite junctures for foodies at City Square mall. It is typical Indian cuisine restaurant introduced to provide different delicacies in Indian style. Tandoori and Chicken cuisines are hot favorite for visitors coming at Moti Mahal. Mughlai food, particularly creamy butter sauce and soft meat are demanded by clients.


Near Vivekanand Chowk, City Square Mall, Jammu
Timings: 12 noon to 10 pm

Tandoori by Nature in Jammu
Tandoori by Nature is highlighted place for people who prefer food cooked in tandoor or barbeque style. The menu of restaurant covers almost all tasty non vegan tandoori food that can be named. The fame of restaurant is so much that people from long distances come here to have cuisines served by them.
44- BC, Gandhinagar, Jammu
Timings: 11 am to 10 pm

Nilaya Restaurant JKNilaya Restaurant in Jammu
Nilaya Restaurant is exclusively established in the premises of Hari Niwas. It is quite famous for its heritage interior and wonderful service.

The restaurant is specialized in serving continental as well as Indian cuisines. People can enjoy the royal treatment given by staff at this restaurant.

Dining at Nilaya Restaurant could be the memorable moment for every visitor.
C/o Hari Niwas Palace, Jammu
Timings: 7 am to 11 pm

Yangtze Restaurant
Yangtze specializes in oriental food. It is established in the premises of Hotel Asia. It is an open multi cuisine restaurant that serves wide range of gastronomies. This highlighted venue for gourmets is perfect for those who love to taste varieties of food. The exotic taste of Prawns and Tampura draws lots of foodies to Yangtze restaurant.

Jammu Kashmir 

FoodBig Bite Food Restaurant in Gulmarg
Hotel Hill Top has commenced in house eatery in the name of Big Bite Food to offer distinct taste of Indian and international cuisines.

The relaxing and comfortable establishment is loved by the tourists coming at Gulmarg.

Hotel Hill Top, Near Gondola, Gulmarg
Timings: 9.30 am to 10 pm

Highland Park Restaurant in Gulmarg
It is a restaurant that offers complete satisfaction to your taste buds with their Kashmiri, Continental and Chinese platter. Here, one can indulge in finest varieties of lamb in the form of Kaanti, Roganjosh, Goshtaba, Syun Pulav etc. The place is not only delightful for the non vegans. In fact, it has quite varied menu for vegans as well. It includes finger licking Dum Aloo, Razma Gogji, Lyodur Tschaman, etc. This restaurant also offers you lot of entertainment to rejuvenate you. There is a disco, bar and poker room in Highland Restaurant for the visitors.
Hotel Highland Park,
Near Church Road, Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir
Phone No.: +91 - 1954 - 254491

Bon Appetite in Jammu 

KashmirBon Appetit in Leh
Bon Appetit restaurant is located in the far northern end i.e. Leh. It is located on the Changspa Road hat is a highly allured place of tourism in this paradise. It is hard to locate the restaurant but its popularity draws travelers all around. It serves both vegan and non vegan food to guests coming here. The battered fish, Italian food, soups and Indian food are the specialties of this restaurant.

Offering a delicious culinary experience at such tough terrain is a magnificent job done by this eatery. The quality and service are quite appreciated by visitors. It offers good seating place along with lounge to soak in its natural ambiance. Wonderful views are on offer through its wide windows and people can feel the fresh air blowing through. Typical interior and good décor adds to its features.

Changspa Road, Opposite Moravian Mission School,
Leh 194101
Phone No: 01982 - 251533

Troutbeat in Pahalgam
Fish lovers, especially trout, will find their paradise at Troutbeat. It is situated at Pahalgam which is one of the magnificent natural places of Jammu Kashmir. Pahalgam is ingrained with serene beauty and breathtaking sights. Despite its size, eating fresh water trout is a marvelous experience here. For non vegan foodies, tasting wide range of fish at this place is really incredible. Veg combos are also one of the highlights of Troutbeat Restaurant. Alongside, its wonderful ambiance adds to the features of Troutbeat.
Address: Troutbeat, Main Market, Pahalgam Hotel, Pahalgam
Phone No: 01936 - 243252


RestaurantsNedous Dining Room in Gulmarg
Nedous Dining Room is a key place of hospitality that offers luxury of gourmet delights in Kashmir Valley. It is one of the oldest establishments engaged in serving travelers.

Its attractive décor takes visitors way back with retro feel. It displays magnificent art and interiors existing since British era.

The food offered at this place is just out of the box. Along with antiquity, the restaurant is presenting mouth watering cuisines like Indian, Continental and Chinese.

At such altitude, it is hard to find best establishments offering such variety of cuisines at any tourist destination. But in Gulmarg, Nedous Dining Room is just the right place to do so.

Address: Nedous Dining Room, Gulmarg
Phone No: 01954 - 254428

Shamyana Restaurant at Srinagar
Shamyana Restaurant is typical Kashmiri restaurant that offers local food along with Chinese and Indian delights. Its lavish food quality and exquisite services gives huge turnout at this venue. It is favorite spot to dine in mesmerizing ambiance near Dal Lake at Heemal Hotel.
Heemal Hotel, Boulevard Road, Srinagar
Timings: 9.30 am to 10 pm

Srinagar RestaurantsStream in Srinagar
This is an excellent restaurant located across Dal Lake in Srinagar. It remains crowded most times of the year due to its delicious food and impeccable service.

Chinese, Kashmiri and Punjabi cuisines are served here. Stream in Srinagar is also a popular culinary destination for even international tourists for its contemporary ambiance and plush interiors.

They offer accommodation facilities as well.
The restaurant offers its wide menu at affordable prices and it has amazing sizzlers to surprise you.

: Boulevard Road, Bachwara, Srinagar
Phone: 0194 - 2500244

Indian and Kashmiri Restaurants in Jammu Kashmir

Ahdoos Restaurant in Srinagar

Ahdoos Hotel in Srinagar 


Located in the epicenter of Srinagar, Ahdoos is one of the prominent places of hospitality in the region. Lal Chowk is prime location in Srinagar where many reputed outlets are incepted. Ahdoos offer wide range of Kashmiri food along with lavish non vegan kababs. The bakery section is worth to try for walnut pies or premium bakery products. Due to reputation, it is highly visited by foreign travelers as well as locals.
C/o Ahdoos Hotel, Residency Road, Near HDFC Road, Srinagar
Timings: 9.30 am to 9.30 pm

Nathu’s Rasoi in Pahalgam
Well this pick is for vegetarians. Nathu’s Rasoi is well established vegetarian restaurant that is visited by bevy of travelers. It is typical Indian restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner routine. The restaurant enjoys the biggest advantage of location. Its menu contains food items like chat, fast food, main course, desserts and international dishes. The quality of food and unique self service ritual makes it an ideal place for serving your appetite.

Though, this place is too crowded, but the cleanliness and tidy surroundings mark the significance of Nathu’s Rasoi. Indian fast food like Chana Bhatura, Dosa along with Chinese and Continental food makes it best place to eat out at Pahalgam to complete your sightseeing trip.
Address: KP Road, Pahalgam
Phone No.: 099 06 535000

Manoranjan Dhaba in Katra

Manoranjan Dhaba in Katra

Manoranjan Dhaba is added to this list due to its imperative food quality and service. It is located in main city area and it is quite popular for Punjabi cuisines. It serves early breakfast, lunch and dinner. The quality of food is exceptional and extremely delicious. Manoranjan Dhaba is famous place for eating out in Katra. In peak season, it is hard to get place to sit, but little wait is adjustable for its remarkably delicious cuisines.  Its impeccable menu of Indian and Punjabi dishes has made it a name to reckon among all restaurants in Jammu Kashmir.
Address: Main Market, Katra

Leh View Restaurant in Leh
People can enjoy absolute stunning view of Leh Ladakh while having food at this restaurant. Leh View Restaurant is a roof top restaurant that offers glimpses of this magnificent place. Typical Kashmiri food can be enjoyed along with north Indian spicy food in this restaurant. Guests can relax in such tranquil ambiance and dine brilliant preparations of chef in Leh View Restaurant. Kashmiri Kahwah and phirni is quite famous here.
Main Bazaar, Leh
Timings: 12 Noon to 10 pm

Pahalwan Di Hatti in Jammu

Pahalwan Di Hatti JK

Here is the veggies delight, Pahalwan di hatti in the region of Jammu. It is well furnished with all types of delicious cuisines that attract vegan gourmets from the entire city. They are serving distinctive food items, specialized recipe cuisine that too at affordable rates. Fast food is widely served at this venue. It is the best place for pure vegetarian people who love to taste different snacks, sweets and cuisines. Sund Panjiri and Chocolate Burfi are must try dish at Pahalwan Di Hatti.
185/1, Sanjay Nagar
Timings: 10 am to 10 pm

Punjabi Rasoi in Pahalgam
Punjabi Rasoi is one of the budget restaurants found in the region of Pahalgam. It serves traditional Indian food along with spicy Punjabi tadka cuisines. They offer Parathas and snacks in breakfast, heavy meals containing Dal, Rajma, etc and tasty tandooris. The restaurant remains over crowded most of the time. Hence, it takes plenty of time while going for eating.
Near Bus Stand, Pahalgam
Timings: 9 am to 9 pm

Pine Palace Restaurant in Gulmarg

Gulmarg Resorts

It is a distinguished place to unwind while having some of the best cuisines of Kashmir. Pine Palace Restaurant is placed in the premises of Pine Palace Hotel offering best evening out for visitors of Gulmarg. For non vegans, it is a paradise. People can taste Rogan Josh, Goshtaba, Syoon Pulav, or Qabargaah which are some of the specialties of this restaurant. Skilled chef and well behaved staff add to its high end features with magnificent food quality.
C/O Pine Palace Hotel, Near Gondola, Gulmarg
Timings: 10 am to 10 pm

Bakshi Green Punjabi Dhaba in Gulmarg
Punjabi food is the top choice of many people in India. Bakshi Green Punjabi Dhaba satisfies the need of spicy and trendy food of Indian as well as Punjabi culture. Vegans can have platter of fresh vegetables and paneer which is quite demanded by the visitors. Non vegetarians can taste the delicious chicken dishes, especially Chicken Parmigiana. The ethnicity of Punjabi culture is infused in the decoration of dhaba and people love to dine at Bakshi Green Dhaba when they are in Gulmarg.
Bakshi Green Punjabi Dhaba, Gulmarg
Timings: 9 am to 7 pm

Dana Pani Restaurant at Pahalgam

Pahalgam Restaurants

Fresh and lavish vegetarian food can be enjoyed at Dana Pani restaurant in Pahalgam. Exceptional food quality and expert service makes it one of the top restaurants of Pahalgam. The menu does not include exotic food items. Delicious and quick to make cuisines are the highlights of Dana Pani restaurant.
Pahalgam Hotel, Pahalgam

JKTDC Restaurant in Gulmarg
JKTDC has introduced full-fledged restaurant at Gulmarg to offer delicious food of Kashmir. Pure vegan food along with beverages can be taken by visitors at this venue.
JKTDC, Gulmarg
Timings: 10 am to 9 pm

Café in Jammu Kashmir

Let us now know about the Cafe's in the area:

Café Log Inn in Pahalgam

Cafe in Pahalgam

Café Log Inn is an exotic place to spend quality time with friends and family. Exclusive establishment and clean ambiance attracts many visitors all around. Well prepared interior along with wide window to have glimpses of serene makes this place perfect for romantic evening. Walnut Pastry should be taken for taste while coming to this place.
K P Road, Chandanwari, Pahalgam

Café Robusta in Srinagar
The best place to hang out in Srinagar, Café Robusta is perfect location to meet friends and collogues. Sipping tea, coffee, or any other handpicked beverage along with sundaes or smoothies is excellent way to spend time here. It also works as stop over for many commuters to have refreshment and fast food to satisfy appetite. People can enjoy playing chess or other games with friends in the lounge area.
1st Floor, MA Road, Opp Catholic church, Srinagar
Timings: 9.30 am to 9 pm

Open Hand Café in Leh

Open Hand Cafe

Open Hand Café is best place to have herbal drinks and tea in Leh. It is immaculate place to drink espressos and have wraps and muffins. The ambiance of restaurant is quite majestic and people love to sit and enjoy the varieties available there. Visitors can shop ethnic jewelries, bags and paintings at shop established in the premises of café.
Opp. Hotel Bijoo, Library Road, Leh
Timings: 7: 30 am to 10 pm

The Café Restaurant in Gulmarg
It is always an awesome experience to have food or drink at exotic place, surrounded by cladding mountains and green trees. The Café restaurant in Gulmarg offer cozy atmosphere to have sip of coffee while enjoying the soothing views all around. Muffins and other delicious snacks can be enjoyed at this café. Light moments can be spend around the table at restaurant with friends or family to remember forever.
C/O The Vintage Gulmarg, Circular Road, Gulmarg
Timings: 10 am to 9 pm

These were the best- of-the-rest food stops for you and it's high time you've been reading about them! Now go pack your bags and begin your food-tour of Jammu Kashmir, today itself!

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